Article Assumption 2015


The Assumption of the B.V.M. ~ 15th August 2015


The Brush-Off

by Julia Beacroft

IT’S SO EASY to make assumptions about places, situations and particularly other people, isn’t it? Only the other week, my mother proudly informed me that she had finally invested in an electric toothbrush, a modern convenience which she had so far shunned. “Brilliant!” I said, suitably impressed. It seemed a reasonable assumption that she would be far happier with her oral hygiene as a result.


However, to my absolute amazement, she then explained her new dental regime. Apparently, she follows up her electric brushing by her old manual method: “My teeth just don’t feel as polished with that electric toothbrush, but once I’ve done them again with my old toothbrush, they’re fine!” I then realised that even in the most normal situations, the assumptions that we make can often be wrong.



In August we celebrate the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who at the end of her earthly life was assumed body and soul into heaven. Mary, who is our great example, never made assumptions about what God required of her. She was probably just as bewildered by the great request God made of her as we would be today.


However, she did not question it, made no suppositions about it and did not brush off God’s wishes. She unequivocally said “Yes” and totally accepted her role. Furthermore, throughout her life Mary acceded to all that Jesus said and did and always directed others to him. Mary was assumed into heaven body and soul and this gives us a glimpse of our own eternal life with God.

Brush teeth cartoon

But we, in our turn, can make no assumptions about what this spiritual life may entail. However, we do know that we can rely on God’s great love and that we can follow the example of his blessed Mother.



By these saving graces, we are able to recognise that as part of our continued Christian calling, we too are required to doubly ‘brush-up’ by keeping an open mind and by not being judgemental towards others, while leading them to Christ. By imitating our Mother Mary, we can soon learn to polish our attitudes and make this a reality – and we don’t need an electric toothbrush to do it! (ENDS – 376 words)

Julia Beacroft is a catechist and pastoral volunteer who lives in Torquay. Her first book

‘Sanctifying the Spirit’ will be published and available to buy from Pentecost 2016.