Article Ss Peter & Paul


Feast Day ~ 28th June 2015


Spot The Cracks !

by Julia Beacroft

LIKE MANY people, I always seem to be in a hurry, rushing and dashing from one task to another. So as to ‘beat the clock’, I try to squeeze in extra jobs at home before racing out of the front door. But it’s really not the best plan…


A few weeks ago I decided I just had enough time to do a little dusting. To my dismay, I dropped my figure of Our Lady and one of her hands broke off. Later the same day, I presented the damaged figure to my husband and suggested he might like to fix it. My son, who likes puns, said, ‘You didn’t hand-le her very carefully, did you Mum?’



Incredibly, it was only a couple of days later, when walking past the statue of a saint, that I accidentally knocked it off. It fell on the floor and the saint’s head snapped off. Unfortunately, my three grown-up children saw me. My son – the wag – immediately piped up: ‘You’ve really developed the clumsy gene at the moment, Mum! Super-glue will never go out of business while you’re around!’ And indeed, my two statues were duly glued back together and if you didn’t look too hard and spot the cracks, they looked good as new.

During June, the martyrdom of Saints Peter and Paul is remembered. These two titans of the church had a rather shaky start to their journey of faith in Christ, but by the love and grace of our Lord, they became inspirational leaders of the early Church. We, like Peter and Paul are imperfect and our ‘cracks’ are often evident in our faults and mistakes.

Super-glue toon

But when we follow the path of Christ like Peter and Paul did – and try to become real not ‘plaster’ saints – then we too, can be sure of the unconditional love and mercy of God.



And so the next time you see any figures of saints, remember that they, like us, were not always perfect throughout their lives. Our own ‘cracks’ may be more easy to spot, but the freely available love of God is always there as our help and our strength.

It is the glue which holds each one of us together. Unfortunately though, there’s no real cure for clumsiness… (ENDS – 449 words)

Julia Beacroft is a catechist and pastoral volunteer who lives in Torquay. Her first book

‘Sanctifying the Spirit’ will be published and available to buy from Pentecost 2016.