Article Presentation 2016


Presentation of The Lord ~ 2nd February 2016


All Present and Correct?

by Julia Beacroft

MOST OF US would agree that communication and technology in our modern world has become a ‘must’ – something we would now find very difficult to live without. Long gone are the days of having to listen to a teacher or lecturer drone on endlessly with nothing to visually focus our attention upon...

lnstead, we are regularly treated to PowerPoint and Prezi presentations; DVDs, YouTube excerpts, podcasts and Chromecasts, among many others. However, there is a ‘but’ and it's quite a big one. Wonderful though technology is, it can and does go wrong … regularly.



How many times have you been to a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation and found that either the projector has packed up or the Internet has failed? How many times have you been psyched up and ready to watch a DVD and found that you could either hardly hear the sound or it did not work at all? Instead you had to watch the people on the screen silently opening and shutting their mouths like goldfishes! And even more likely, how many times has that annoying Internet 'buffering' completely ruined what you were trying to watch? ln short, presentations can and do go wrong all the time, often with disastrous yet amusing results.


Although completely different in nature, Jesus too, was part of a presentation. He was presented at the temple in Jerusalem in accordance with the Law of Moses, which said that every male must be consecrated to God. In a similar way to the confusion that we feel when current technology fails,

iMary and Joseph were confounded by all they heard that day, about Jesus. Yet through their confusion shone a beacon of love and hope, as they were told by both Simeon and Anna that their child would be the redeemer of all nations.



Technology may fail, our plans may miscarry and inevitably we may feel confused. Yet through the fog of confusion can shine inspiration, light and hope. Jesus is all of these for each and every one of us. Better still, we need see no presentation, use no IT and never have to ‘log on’ to be in touch with him!

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Julia Beacroft is a catechist and pastoral volunteer who lives in Torquay. Her first book

‘Sanctifying the Spirit’ will be published and available to buy from Pentecost 2016.