Article Mothers' Day 2016


~ 6th March 2016 ~


'Your Mother' is Mary...

by Julia Beacroft

ONE OF MY wonderful husband’s little foibles is that he never refers to his mother-in-law – my mother – by her Christian name. Neither does he give her the courtesy title of ‘Mum’, which is sometimes used for in-laws. In fact, he always refers to her as ‘Your mother’.


‘When are you next seeing your mother?’ he will ask. ‘Is your mother feeling better now?’ is another such example. Admittedly this may not seem particularly odd. However when my Mum is actually present and his method of address remains the same, I think you might appreciate how strange this can seem.


If we are sitting having a cup of tea and a chat, my husband will turn to me and say something like: ‘Ask your mother if her heating is fixed now’ or ‘Will your mother be coming round at the end of the week? This is not to say that he doesn’t talk to her and isn’t fond of her – of course he does and is - but if using her name is involved, he bizarrely always calls her ‘Your mother’ and addresses her through me.

Yet whatever title we choose to give them, mothers are such an integral and important part of our lives. They provide for us, nourish us and try to equip us for all that we may experience in life.



Mary, Our Blessed Lady, fully understands the true meaning of motherhood. Having been tasked with the greatest commission of all, she did not hesitate for a moment in saying ‘Yes’ to God and agreeing to become the mother of our Lord. And let us never forget that Mary’s journey was neither simple nor straightforward.


Betrothed at a very early age, probably terrified of what her fate would hold when she became pregnant

Your Mother cartoon

out of wedlock and quite unsure of what carrying the Messiah could mean, she never wavered in her trust and belief in God.



And this was not all. Mary grievously suffered as she witnessed her beloved son tortured and put to death by crucifixion.


Mary is the perfect example to us all. One who intercedes on our behalf with her son Jesus, and continuously points the way to him. She is the sublime mother to each and every one of us.


And so, when speaking to someone else of Our Lady, we should never be afraid to refer to her as ‘Your Mother’. As Christians we have several titles for Mary, but none so accurate or fitting as our Mother… (ENDS – 415 words)

Julia Beacroft is a catechist and pastoral volunteer who lives in Torquay. Her first book

‘Sanctifying the Spirit’ will be published and available to buy from Pentecost 2016.