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Blowing in the Wind by Julia Beacroft


'The Spirit blows where it will.' (John 3:8)

IN COMMON WITH many young children, I had a vivid and expressive imagination which especially came to the fore during play times. A princess who needed to be rescued, a wicked witch and an intrepid explorer are to name but a few of the fantasy roles I enjoyed enacting.


And ordinary everyday household items became my props. The staircase easily fitted the bill as a mountain to climb and neither was it difficult to imagine a large upturned laundry basket as an igloo. Naturally, these are merely a couple of examples.



Yet my favourite, but probably most bizarre role-play centred around the notion that I, like Peter Pan, could fly! Time and again I would climb up onto a chair, steps, table or any other suitably high object and jump! Needless to say I merely landed with my feet firmly on the ground each time! Yet the novelty didn’t wear off and March was a particularly favourite time of the year for me. This was because I would go into the garden, climb as usual, and then jump – convinced that the windy March weather would blow me away and I would become airborne, like Mary Poppins!


Yet fantasy aside, the fact remains that March is traditionally a month which experiences high winds and gusty conditions due to meteorological reasons.


During this season of Lent and as we steadily approach Easter, we can be sure, as always, of the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Jesus tells us in St. John’s Gospel that ‘the Spirit blows where it will’ meaning that just as the wind blows wherever God wills, so God's Spirit also blows wherever He wills. In the same way that people cannot see the wind but can hear the sound of it blowing, so the

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Spirit of God cannot physically be seen with human eyes but we can perceive its effect on all it touches.



It often seems difficult to envision the Holy Spirit, which like the wind is always felt but unseen. Yet we can be assured that it is alive and active in our world. The Spirit is no fantasy or make-believe, but by the grace of the Trinity our own spirits fly with joy in praise of the Lord.


So the next time you battle against the wind or struggle to keep your umbrella intact, let it remind you of the Holy Spirit who blows where it will.


As humans we may be physically unable to fly, but with the Lord’s bounteous grace no mountain is ever too difficult to climb and no height too high to scale.


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Julia Beacroft is an author, editor, workshop leader and presenter in Catholic faith formation.

Her first book ‘Sanctifying the Spirit’ is available to buy from AMAZON, Waterstones or

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